Three Cheese Quiche

My love affair with the humble quiche has been going on since childhood. It was one of the first recipes my mother had me make on my own. I can still picture the battered recipe card left out on the counter with a note requesting that I whip one up for dinner and pop it in the oven. Requiring little more than chopping and stirring, quiche is a recipe that anyone can master!

Most quiches start with three basic ingredients: a pie crust, heavy cream (or half and half), and eggs. From there you could go in many directions with meats, veggies, and cheeses. For today’s recipe we decided to go with a classic three cheese quiche. Who can resist some ridiculously cheesy eggs and a flaky pie crust?

We’ve also thrown in some chopped yellow and green onions for a little color and extra flavor. If you’ve got little ones that wouldn’t eat onions, some chopped ham or broccoli would also be tasty additions.

While I grew up mostly eating quiche for dinner, there’s really no wrong time to serve this up! It’s a brunch staple and I’m known to sneak a quick slice from the fridge for lunch. Hot or cold, this cheesy quiche is delish!

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