The magic trick to remove crusted grease from the oven: no scrubbing required

You love preparing delicious savory or sweet dishes in the oven and enjoy it… The problem is that they tend to overflow in the oven and especially on the grill. The culprits are grease splatters, food stains, and burnt-on food residues. We’ll show you how to clean your oven’s grill and all its components effortlessly using natural ingredients. For you, a shining oven, for you, the glory of a clean kitchen…
Why is cleaning the oven essential?
Far from being a cleaning obsession, it’s important to know that traces of saucy dishes and grease don’t wait to dirty your oven and imbue it with bad odors. A dirty oven is inefficient and smokes easily because residues accumulate on the racks and walls. Therefore, it’s necessary to thoroughly clean a dirty oven and remove burnt-on grease, right? The smart approach involves using clever tips to clean the oven thoroughly. But regular cleaning is key…
How do I properly clean oven racks? Effective and natural tips…
Tasty, baked recipes always make our mouths water. However, with the excesses of these dishes, this enjoyment quickly turns to disappointment. Cleaning the oven, you say? First, let’s tackle the racks. Some might suggest lemon, baking soda, white vinegar, or clay stone… We suggest washing powder…
How do I clean heavily soiled racks with washing powder?
To clean heavily soiled grills, the washing powder method is very effective.
Cleaning the Oven Rack
Pour four liters of hot water into a basin;
Add two tablespoons of washing powder;
Mix everything together;
Submerge the racks in the solution;
Let it work overnight…
The next morning, simply scrub with a damp sponge. Magic, isn’t it!
But this isn’t the only product that can say goodbye to dirt residues. What if we offered you another equally effective ingredient?
How do I easily degrease oven racks with soda crystals?
Soda crystals are equally suitable for easily cleaning oven racks, which are often tough to scrub.
Place the racks in a bathtub filled with hot water.
Sprinkle the racks with a cup of baking soda (you can also use baking powder instead);
Let it act for a few hours before scrubbing off and removing the dirt.
Rinse it off and dry it with a microfiber cloth.
Again, the result is amazing, and good news: your oven racks will stay bright for a long time.
Now it’s time to tackle the other elements of the oven. Let’s start!
How do I clean the inside of a heavily soiled oven with natural products? Natural, but also economical products…
Grandma’s good old cleaning tricks are the best. Simplicity, efficiency, and voilà!
Dirty grill plates or drip pans, oven glass stained by grease splatters, encrusted walls… What to do? Here again, Grandma’s trick involves using natural products with antibacterial and cleaning properties. This way, you thoroughly clean your oven with stripping agents worthy of conventional products, but be careful, they’re ecological and especially economical!
How do I clean the interior of the oven and the glass door with baking soda and white vinegar?
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