The infallible zero-cost trap to catch mosquitoes and insects that invade your home

Make the foolproof mosquito trap without spending money, you have everything you need at home. Here’s what you need and how to do it, full details below.

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Insects, and specifically mosquitoes, are really annoying. Especially with the arrival of heat, they begin to appear annoying, especially at night. Disinfestation is important but also the installation of mosquito nets that prevent insects from entering the house.

Then there are some remedies that can be used and there are several natural ones to avoid buying chemical insecticides. Among the most common are certainly coffee, which is detested by mosquitoes both in grain and powder, lemon and vinegar, due to their odor that they cannot tolerate.


But today we are going to see a different method that can help you sleep peacefully without having to fight mosquitoes all night. It is a repellent that you can make at home with products that you almost certainly already have available in your pantry. Let’s see below how to do it.

Mosquito trap: it is foolproof

As we said, mosquitoes are very annoying and you have to live with the increase in temperature. On this occasion we are not going to use the classic citronella repellent , always very effective, but an equally valid alternative that you can make at home in a few minutes.< /span>

To create this mosquito trap you will need: sugar, water, yeast, plastic bottle, plastic bag and adhesive tape . By mixing all these ingredients we will achieve a truly effective mixture to combat mosquitoes and keep them away from our body.

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