How to wash a pillow: Leave your sleeping companion spotless

Did you know that even pillows get dirty and need to be cleaned? Find out how to wash a pillow to eliminate dust, mites and humidity resulting from sweat.

Over time, if left unwashed, cushions can take on a yellowish hue.

So knowing how to wash a pillow correctly is essential to always keep the place where your head rests clean, and the best thing is that if wash it frequently, it will not accumulate the bad odor caused by the sweat sweated from your head while you sleep.

1st step on how to wash a pillow

Remove the cover and check the pillow for damage, such as broken parts or small holes. If it has these defects, avoid putting it in the washing machine and dispose of it.

Also look at the product label to see if it is advisable to wash it in the washing machine. If you have restrictions, avoid doing this wash.

How to wash a pillow in the washing machine

Only place two pillows in the washing machine at a time and upright. Turn on the cold water and set the wash cycle to delicate.

Apply liquid soap, a reasonable amount, a little more than used for other clothes, so that the entire length of the pillow absorbs the product, generating cleaning efficiency.

Drying time

To dry the cushion, the use of a dryer is prohibited and it must not be twisted. Do not use the dryer, much less twist the pillow. Therefore, to dry, spin in a vertical position to remove excess water.

Remove from centrifuge, place horizontally in a ventilated place. Avoid exposure to the sun, as the heat of the sun’s rays facilitates the proliferation of fungi, mites and bacteria and also leaves the yellowish layer.

Hand washing

Pillows that need to be washed by hand are those that have a delicate structure and shape, as they cannot be put in the washing machine.

How to wash a pillow by hand

Anatomical, fiber or spring pillows:

  • Soak the pillow in water in a bucket or sink
  • Use neutral detergent or neutral liquid soap and rub well;
  • Rinse it, wring it out to remove excess water and leave it to dry in a ventilated place.

We do not recommend washing latex, common foam and viscoelastic cushions, only sanitize the removable layer. If it does not have a lid, clean using a sponge with neutral soap and the minimum amount of water possible.

Feather pillows cannot get wet in any way. The ideal is to have it dry cleaned in a specialized and trusted laundry.

How to wash your pillow

Homemade pillow bleach

Some homemade products are one of the solutions to how to wash a pillow and remove the yellow color. The ingredients are cheap and will be very effective when it comes to whitening your pillows.


  • 3 liters of water;
  • 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide;
  • Half a cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice per hour.
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