The king’s sword plant, also known as cow’s tongue, mother-in-law’s tongue, St. George’s sword, lizard’s tail and snake plant is a family of plants in the genus Sansevieria. These plants are native to Africa and Asia, they are characterized by having rigid, fleshy and pointed leaves. This beautiful plant has other uses that go beyond ornamental. This plant has a wide variety of uses in addition to being used as an ornamental plant. In ancient times it was used by many people to make fibers and to make bowstrings. In the same way, the pointed shape of the leaves provided them with a kind of needle. rudimentary for spinning. NASA has discovered air purifying properties related to this plant by absorbing toxins such as formaldehyde, xylene and toluene, in the same way it absorbs carbon dioxide in a night cycle while absorbing oxygen in a diurnal cycle making it suitable to have in bedrooms .

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