How to clean a burnt pan or saucepan and make it like new

Reviving burnt pans and saucepans can transform them from old and neglected to sparkling and new, breathing new life into your kitchen essentials. Over time, it’s common for cookware to lose its luster, becoming tarnished, moldy, or encrusted with stubborn grime. Instead of discarding these items, there’s a simple, cost-effective method to restore them. Here’s how you can tackle the challenge of cleaning burnt pots and pans, using materials you likely already have in your home.
The Trick to Cleaning Burnt Cookware
Burns, grease stains, and other forms of damage can mar your pots and pans, but don’t resign them to the trash just yet. The solution? Aluminum foil.
What You’ll Need:
Aluminum foil
Dish soap
A little elbow grease


Prepare Your Tools: Grab some aluminum foil and crumple it into a medium-sized ball. This makeshift scrubber is surprisingly effective at tackling tough stains.

Apply Dish Soap: Before you start scrubbing, spray your pan or pot with a household cleaner suitable for cookware. You can also create a soapy solution by adding a few drops of dish soap to some water.

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