Yes, vinegar helps clean the washing machine thoroughly: here’s how to use it

The washing machine requires hours and hours of manual labor. As a result, since its advance, there is no longer any need to climb as much as it has become inevitable. Although she herself saved a few hours and perseverance, she managed to take precautions quietly and quietly. Intellect so we share with you tips that are both effective and helpful for white vinegar to link your machine into a good list.

1. What is the variation in which you need to take care of the washing machine?
2. 1. Start by washing the loose tons
3. 2. Use vinegar to clean the battery of your washing machine
4. 3. Cleaning the face of the washing machine
5. White vinegar to clean your entire room
6. Subject on the influence of pale vinegar
7. 1. Purification of the watering ball
8. 2. Commit to shining the mess

9. 3. Commit to making windows and mirrors shine
10. 4. Audit of pipes and water closets
11. 5. Purification of ewer and faucets
12. 6. Purification of the floor and paving
13. Preserved effects on the application of pale vinegar
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