I mixed it in 2 minutes, within a week the orchid was full of flowers.

Start Creativity I mixed it in 2 minutes, in a week the orchid was full…

When an orchid has wilted, it is sometimes quite difficult to get it to bloom again. However, thanks to a clever cinnamon trick, you can do it.

An orchid that has already bloomed is often simply not ready to produce more flowers. However, you can easily change this thanks to a two-phase procedure that can evoke a flower in healthy plants, sometimes in just a few weeks. Where to start?

Fertilize orchids with cinnamon dressing

Cinnamon contains nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, which are important for the growth and development of plants, making it excellent as a fertilizer; You just have to use it the right way.

  • Mix 1 teaspoon of cinnamon with 2 cups of water and let the mixture sit for 24 hours. This will help release all the nutrients contained in cinnamon.
  • After 24 hours, you can use the solution to water your plants. If you have young orchids or delicate species, you can dilute the mixture with water in a 1:1 ratio.
  • Repeat this process once a month to ensure your plants are getting enough nutrients.

Older plants are worth transplanting.

Before the fertilizer is ready, take a good look at your orchid. If it literally no longer fits in the pot or substrate it is growing in, it is showing signs of mold or moss growth. You will do better if you mix a new one with your plant. And what to prepare?

  • Bark or peat substrate (depending on the type of orchid)
  • perlite or sand
  • Esfagno

Mix bark or peat substrate with perlite or sand in a 2:1 ratio. This proportion will ensure good drainage and at the same time the necessary humidity. Add a small amount of peat moss ( Sphagnum ) to help retain moisture. But be careful, adding too much moss can cause poor drainage so it is very important to stick to the ratio of 1:6 at most. You can also add orchid fertilizer if it is intended to be mixed into the soil.

But remember that each fertilizer has its own instructions, so read the instructions carefully and follow them. It is important that the orchid substrate is well drained and at the same time retains moisture well . This will allow the roots to receive necessary nutrients and moisture, but will also allow them to breathe. Unfortunately, many commercial orchid substrates (especially cheaper ones) do not meet these conditions. So it’s much better to make your own mix.

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