Here’s why you shouldn’t crush a spider in your house

It’s natural to fear spiders, especially when they enter your home. Various studies on the shape of their legs and the way they move speak of this arachnophobia, a fairly widespread irrational terror. It even exists among certain entomologists, those biologists who study insects and spiders.

However, this fear of spiders must be overcome without having to get rid of these little beasts. We explain why!

What are the reasons not to kill the spiders you find in your house?

A spider in the bed – Source: spm

If you still want to get rid of your spiders by killing them, Matt Bertone, an entomologist and professor at North Carolina State University, explains why you shouldn’t continue this practice and offers an alternative.

There may be various insects in your home and even spiders may get there by accident. The specialist, in a study that he carried out in 50 homes where there were spiders of all types, indicated that these beings play an important role not only in nature, but also in the interior ecosystem of the house.

The expert explains that there are many types of spiders and to a greater extent they prefer to be outdoors where they reproduce. Therefore, those usually found inside homes are not usually at risk. Inside a home, arachnids can play a crucial role by acting as predators to many pests.

The entomologist adds that most spiders are predators and eat everything they catch, so they generally feed on annoying parasites or other insects that can transmit diseases. An example of this is certain arachnids that ingest mosquitoes in certain areas.

“So   killing a spider   not only kills it, but it also means you get rid of a large predator from your home. These arachnids build spider webs in which they wait and capture their prey,” the expert writes in his article.

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