Here’s how to remove the white patina from glasses and make them shine with a brilliant trick

With washing, glasses can cloud up and lose their former shine. A sort of white patina appears which alters the transparency and shine of the glasses. Traces of limescale and corrosion are the main causes of this white haze that appears on glassware. Whether you choose to wash in the dishwasher or by hand, these stubborn stains are difficult to remove. Here are some grandma tricks that help remove stubborn stains and keep your glasses clean and shiny.

Do you want to offer drinks to your guests, but your glasses seem dull and lack luster? Don’t worry, there are solutions to eliminate white marks on glasses. To clean windows and make them shine, black soap, dishwashing liquid, lemon juice or alcohol vinegar are cleaning products that have proven effective. But what about foggy glasses that have lost their shine?

The best tips for cleaning glasses and removing unwanted stains are in the spotlight.

3 tips from grandma to overcome the white film on your glasses

To descale, polish or strip glass, these 3 methods are very effective:

  1. Sodium bicarbonate

Baking soda is a multipurpose product that cleans various surfaces in your home. Used to dissolve laundry, sanitize the refrigerator, clean toilets or remove grease stains from ovens, pots and pans, this product is essential for eco-friendly cleaning. Furthermore, this powder has whitening properties and is very effective for removing stubborn dirt and stains on wooden furniture, carpets, clothes or glassware. To use, mix the baking soda with a little water until you get a paste-like consistency. Then, you will have to spread it inside and outside your glasses and leave it to act for 10 minutes. After the allotted time, gently rub the surface with a soft cloth without scratching or damaging the lenses. Finally rinse with clean water and use a dry cloth to clean them and remove traces of limescale.

  1. White vinegar

White vinegar is THE green product everyone is talking about right now. Thanks to its disinfectant, anti-limescale, deodorizing and sanitizing properties, this ingredient is a detergent that perfectly replaces bleach. In fact, it allows you to carry out cleaning in an optimal way without using chemical products that are harmful to the environment. To descale and clean glasses, use a cloth soaked in white vinegar and gently wipe the outside and inside of the glasses. Leave the product to act for 2 minutes, then rinse with warm water before allowing the glasses to dry on the drainer.

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