Don’t Throw Away Sardine Oil! 3 Uses That Nobody Knows

Can be an image of text that says ‘If you are one of those who throw the oil from sardine cans in the sink or in the trash, know that this practice is not at all ecological, it is even prohibited. So, instead of polluting the environment, recycle this very precious oil in cooking.’

Can be an image of anchovies, pasta and text that says ‘1-SEASON your PASTA WITH SARDINE OIL’

Can be an image of text that says ‘Do you have any experience with tuna pasta? Do you like to? Then this pasta dish with sardine oil will please you. The pasta is flavored with sardine oil, which is a pretty basic idea. Here’s how to do it: package. •Cook your pasta as usual following the instructions on the . Drain and return it to the pan. Peel a clove of garlic, finely slice it and add it to the pasta. Pour the sardine oil over the pasta. Add a little basil or pesto if you like. Salt, pepper. Mix and serve!’

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