How to eliminate weevils from the pantry

How to eliminate weevils from the pantry? The presence of these insects in the pantry could happen to us in the kitchen. In fact, there are factors that cause this problem.

Among them, it happens due to humidity, not regularly cleaning the pantry or expired food, perhaps.

The truth is that there is a possibility that this pest will invade us and infect our food. There is really nothing more unpleasant than this happening to us in the place in the house where we keep food products.

It is essential to apply some tips to combat weevils. To do this, let’s see below a home remedy to eliminate weevils and all types of insects:


To keep the pantry or cupboard clean and free of weevils, below we will know how to do it step by step:

  1. First, we take everything out of the furniture or cupboard and thoroughly clean it with hot water and soap. Even as we usually do, with the most effective products.
  2. Next, we check the dry food. We precisely check if there are moths and weevils that hide in flour, cereal, polenta, herbs, dry pasta, rice and other products that we have in the pantry.
  3. It is also important to inspect and clean the edges of boxes, jars and packages. They are ideal places where moths make networks.
  4. When we find infested foods and meals or open packages, we immediately throw them in the trash. Surely there must be tiny larvae that contaminated everything.
  5. Another necessary step is to use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the cupboard and its corners. The entire furniture, the corners, the base of the furniture and even under the shelves must be inspected and vacuumed.
  6. Another recommendation is to keep everything dry, the humid environment attracts moths for example. Therefore, keeping everything dry is the best as prevention.
  7. Something extremely important is to store food in suitable containers with lids; airtight bags are also very useful. It is the best method to avoid the appearance of these unpleasant insects that infest food.
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