Electric meter, don’t make the common mistake: pay double the bill

Did you know that you need to pay attention to your electric meter or your bill will double? Let’s find out what to do to avoid a mistake that can lead to large increases in amounts!

Plan ahead
Many people don’t know it, but reading your electricity meter correctly is critical to paying for wasted energy. In fact, most people take incorrect self-meter readings and provide companies with incorrect numbers, making their bills worse, and not by a small margin.

Mistakes made in self-reading can even double your bill, so it’s best to avoid them. But how? Here’s everything you need to know about reporting the correct self-reading bill to the power company!

Exposure meter
How to take an exposure meter reading
With sharp increases in utility bill prices, it has become a necessity to save money and rely on utilities that charge lower prices than others. Running out of electricity is impossible, which is why everyone goes in search of the company that offers a product at lower and more affordable prices.

Households today face unaffordable electricity costs, so care must also be taken to make the right communication to businesses. We are talking about meter self-reading, which most utilities now require customers to do. But how to do self-reading? It depends on whether the meter is traditional or electronic . It is so that:

If the meter is traditional mechanical, it is necessary to communicate the digits to be read, which appear on the transparent display in automatic mode. In this case it is not necessary to press any buttons. If there is a comma between the digits, it is necessary to notify the supplier, indicating only the preceding digits and rounding the digit.
If the meter is electronic, it is possible to take the reading by pressing the appropriate button and reading the figure that appears on the screen. Press the frequency reading button to show the customer code, current time slot, instantaneous power, and the reading of the power and energy totalizers for each time slot on the display.

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