Plants to scare away spiders, ants, mosquitoes and scorpions, and where to put them

As we well know and no matter where we live, if your climate is hot, cold, humid or dry, undesirable pests can always appear and infect our home. Such as ants, mosquitoes, rodents, cockroaches, spiders, etc. Fortunately, there are plants to repel insects, it is a very effective method

Nothing is more economical, natural and with exquisite fragrances than plants, they are special to help us combat these pests. The rainy season is ideal for insects, precisely because they proliferate on those very hot days.

Next let’s get to know the plants to scare away flies, mosquitoes and other insects:

Plants to repel insects

1. Lavender

Without a doubt, the lavender plant is one of the best natural repellents that scare away pests. The reason is because these animals do not tolerate aromas, so they run away and do not resist.

The recommendation is to place it under indirect sunlight, water it every time the soil is very dry. However, the best place is our room.

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