No more rotten and black bananas after a few days: with this method they will last 2 years

Often, when we buy bananas in the supermarket, we realize how this fruit tends to rot and turn black in just a few days. There is, however, a particular method of conservation; this will help us keep the bananas intact for about two years.

Following a varied and healthy diet is the basis of a healthy lifestyle. In fact, our body is a perfect machine, but to function properly, it needs to be adequately nourished. When it comes to eating well, we cannot fail to mention the importance of consuming the right amount of  fruits and vegetables every day. In fact, both are considered natural sources of  vitamins and minerals  . Bananas  are also one of the most popular fruits.

In fact, they are perfect to add to a delicious pie, energy smoothies or, alternatively, even to eat on their own. Regarding  nutritional properties  , it is known that banana contains a lot of  potassium  , as well as a moderate amount of vitamin A; B vitamins and vitamin C.

However, all of us, when buying bananas, have certainly encountered a problem: after a few days, this fruit begins to turn black and  rot  . We have certainly tried everything to try and make sure this doesn’t happen, but to no avail. Let’s discover together, in this regard, a particular tip. Although it involves a series of steps to be carried out  carefully  , it will help us keep the bananas in good condition for a good two  years .

Bananas: how to store them

Store bananas

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