The bathroom stays clean thanks to a simple trick: no more dirt, stains and bacteria

We all like to give ourselves a moment of relaxation in our bathroom to free ourselves from the fatigue of the day, take care of ourselves and enjoy the warm atmosphere of home. For this reason, this friendly space must always be clean, fragrant and serene, which is not always a given. Fortunately, cleaning no longer rhymes with effort when you are equipped with the right advice like the ones we will present in this article. Let’s go…

The bathroom is also a space for relaxation, of course, but it must be constantly maintained to make you want to pamper yourself with a nice shower. This sensory experience now becomes a godsend and an art of living if good advice is carefully adopted. Decryption!

How to effectively clean the bathroom with natural products?

Clean bathroom

For impeccable well-being, bathroom cleaning is a necessary thing that must be done with dedication and love.

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Perfecting this cleaning, in fact, does not equate to using many chemical products but, above all, to carrying out a series of meticulous gestures that do not leave out any detail, starting from the tub, passing through the tiles of the covering up to the floor of the room as well as all vertical surfaces.

Having said that, let’s discover together the steps for perfect bathroom cleaning similar to that of hotels… How lucky!

What are the steps to clean a bathroom?

Of all the rooms in the house, the bathroom might be the one you least enjoy cleaning.

We understand that getting rid of weeks of soap scum and grime makes deep cleaning more daunting, so here are some steps you can take to make this daunting task more enjoyable and most importantly less painful. These will help you maintain the quality of your healthcare facilities and also save time.

Here is the framework to follow to have a clean bathroom:

  1. Strip your bathroom bare by cleaning it of all its contents, that is: cosmetics, towels, carpets and all the small objects lying on the worktop;
  2. Take out rubbish and discarded packaging;
  3. Throw away all your machine washable items by adding a little fabric softener to your towels, it will give them a boost of freshness;
  4. Dust the corners with a feather duster and sweep away any debris from the floor, focusing on the hidden corners;
  5. Attack the tub as well as the shower head, faucets and grout with a detergent to clean limescale deposits. We recommend natural ingredients such as white vinegar, baking soda or even lemon;
  6. Scrub the toilet well, focusing on the seat and the bottom of the bowl;
  7. Polish wall tiles that accumulate grease from soap and shower products;
  8. Finally attack the floor, highlighting the tile joints;
  9. Clean and deodorize the pipes;
  10.  Smells the bathroom.

How to properly clean bathroom coverings with white vinegar?

Clean the bathroom tiles

Tiling is a pleasant covering that is very popular for its practical and aesthetic side. However, when it comes into contact with water, especially in the bathroom, limescale deposits settle there to give way to  an unsightly white veil  .  Insensitive to conventional chemicals, these traces of limescale deserve to use our famous  white vinegar  ! Let’s see how it works…

With  its concentration of acetic acid,   white vinegar  proves to be the best ally for deep descaling of tiles. In fact, the limestone base dissolves in the acid of the vinegar producing a certain  chemical reaction . Result: the mixture of these two components is transformed into easily rinsable salt and water.

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